This clever trumpet turned analog amplifier blasts out beats from your iPhone without consuming a bit of electricity! Christopher Locke welded together a salvaged trumpet, a steel base, stainless steel legs, and a steel cradle to create an old school tele-phonograph that can bellow out your favorite tunes. Although Christopher calls the machine “heartless,” we think it’s anything but.

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Not only does Christopher’s re-purposed invention direct contemporary tunes through an old-school brass horn, but it is also completely wireless. Not a single cable is necessary to keep this recycled amplifier functioning (except perhaps one to keep the player charged). The second version even features a mute button, and both of them work with any handheld phone or music playing device!

The models depicted here are prototypes and have already been sold, but inquiring readers can contact Christopher directly through his website.

+ Christopher Locke

Via Recycleart