Christopher Simmonds has given an already gorgeous boathouse in Canada a sustainable upgrade that we can’t help but envy. The original boathouse located on Muskoka Lake north of Toronto was feeling a little cramped, so the designer gave it a second story guest room and a roof terrace, and an overall minor upgrade that used very little in the way of new materials. Step into our gallery to see pictures of this gorgeous project or hit the jump to find out more details.

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The new 600 square foot guesthouse on the Muskoka Boathouse’s second story has a kitchenette, living space, a washroom and a bedroom, and opens up to a new roof terrace. Situated at the end of a narrow bay, the home provides shelter from strong winds and traffic on the water.

Clad in stained Red Cedar panels and finished inside with exposed Douglas Fir, this home is both minimalist and contemporary. Striking as the home and upgrade are, even more breathtaking are the views which the home has been designed to frame. Finally, extensive glazing keeps solar gain at a comfortable level.

+ Christopher Simmonds Architect

Via Arch Daily