Recently Chrysler revealed a lean green supercar that can hit 0-60mph in five seconds flat! The Dodge EV features an emission-free 200 kW electric motor and has a driving range of 150-200 miles, leaving GM’s Chevy Volt in the dust. The sleek all-electric vehicle is not intended to compete with consumer-oriented cars – it has its sights set on the Tesla Roadster!

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The Dodge EV was revealed as part of Chrysler’s ENVI program, whose purpose is to develop clean, economical fuel-efficient vehicles. Just like with the Tesla, Chrysler enlisted Lotus to assist in developing their mean road machine.

The two passenger vehicle is powered by an electric rear wheel drive, and can generate around 270 horse power to take you from 0-60mph in about 5 seconds. The Dodge EV‘s top speed is 120 mph, and a single charge will take you for around 150 to 200 miles while in the city. To charge the car, one simply needs to plug the vehicle to any electrical outlet.

Chrysler also revealed a number of aditional entries in their green lineup: A Jeep hybrid, a Town and Country Range Extended EV and the tiny GEM peapod.

+ Chrysler ENVI