Chrysler recently revealed the GEM Peapod, a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle that uses no gasoline and emits no pollutants, making it perfect for city driving. Those of you who read our Car of the Future series may recall that smaller vehicles are more efficient, easier to park, and consume less resources, which makes them strong candidates for the future of personal transportation.

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A NEV is classified as a vehicle that weighs less than 3000 pounds and has a low maximum speed of around 25mph. The GEM Peapod is small, tiny, and fully electric – just the right thing for short trips and commutes.

The Peapod‘s full weight is 2,200 pounds, and it measures 114 inches long and 57 inches wider. It has a smal motor capable of efficiently propelling the vehicle along at 25mph. It seats four people and features a bubbly space-efficient design. Peter Arnell, Chrysler LLC’s Chief Innovation Officer who led the design process states:

“We have evolved the GEM design language to better reflect its eco-friendly performance and its upbeat, positive image. These vehicles use no gasoline and emit no pollutants. So whether it’s a trip around the neighborhood or the drive to school or work, the GEM Peapod is the ideal way to contribute to a greener planet, and a healthy lifestyle.”

The Peapod will be available in 2009.

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