Bookworms know that it isn’t easy to live a mobile life with a massive book collection. If you’re not quite ready to donate excess texts or replace them with electronic versions, David Garcia Studio offers an innovative solution: Archive II, a circular bookshelf propelled by walking that is currently on exhibition at Denmark’s University of Roskilde Main Library.

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The bookshelf isn’t ideal for long trips, but we can’t think of a better solution if you need to, say, move down the street. According to Garcia, “The average reader can read about 240 words per minute. A 300 page book normally takes 9 hours to read, non stop. I you read while you walk, you can read a book in about 43 kilometers. If you read and walk, watch out for traffic.

In the above photo you can also see Garcia’s Archive I, a see saw-like “weight balance library” featuring a chair that elevates in response to the weight of books on the shelves.

+ David Garcia Studio

Via Treehugger