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G-PODS are sleek prefabricated structures that can be placed just about anywhere, including rooftops and gardens. They are rain-resistant and the interiors are covered in the same materials used in yachts. Two of the four models produced by Farmers Cottage Lamps are self-rotating (so there shouldn’t be any kind of seasickness), one of the models can be turned into a bedroom for the minimalists among our readers, while the medium-sized pod can be assembled by two people in just five hours.

Mars Lab is now the official distributor of G-PODS in the United States. Interior cushions, flooring, seats and other details are customizable, and for those who are uncertain about installing their own pod, the company will send a trained installer to do the job. Most states won’t require a permit and people who move can easily disassemble their G-POD and take it with them, making this the ultimate low-footprint structure for modern nomads. Full details are available on the company website.


Via Gizmodo