Recently the Michelin Challenge Bibendum introduced us to a whole new breed of electric cars, but there is one we can’t get out of our heads: the Citroen Survolt. This electric supercar leads the way for the next generation of electric vehicles, which will be faster, more efficient, and capable of driving longer distances on a single charge–all thanks to competitions such as Michelin’s Challenge Bibendum.


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Citroen electric drivetrain engineer Cristophe Schwartz put it best during the event: “Speed has always pushed the automotive world to new discoveries, and it’s exciting to be on the cutting edge. Developing electric cars for racing brings racing back to what it used to be–when innovation was happening by the seat of our pants and creativity won the day.” Exciting stuff, and the Survolt sure is a looker. Check out the super-sporty EV in action at the Challenge Bibendum above.

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Via MotorTrend