Boston’s Bike Czar Nicole Freedman has achieved her goal to make Boston a biking city. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino has announced that his fair city, previously known as the worst cycling city in the country, will be getting one of the nation’s first public bike sharing systems, dubbed “Hubway,” from BIXI Bikes and the Public Bike Sharing Company. To be launched in early July, Boston’s bike sharing system will offer the public a green alternative to car share systems already in place and will work in a similar way. Customers can pick up a bike from any bike sharing station, then return it to any other station in the system.

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Boston hopes to follow in the footsteps of the nation’s first successful bike sharing program, Capital Bikeshare, which was launched in Washington D.C. last year. Five North American cities already have PBSC bike share programs: Minneapolis, Toronto, Ottowa/Gatineau, Montreal, and Washington D.C./Arlington. The Boston Hubway program will be run by BIXI’s U.S. partner Alta Bicycle Share, which already runs the program in Washington D.C. and one in Melbourne, Australia.