City University London’s giCentre, which is part of the City Collaborative Transport Hub, has created several visualizations that show the behavior and route preference patterns of the capital’s bike riders. Using Geographic Information (GI) and working with Transport for London (TfL), Professor of Visual Analytics Jo Wood and PhD candidate Roger Beecham analyzed data from the London Cycle Hire scheme to create these eye-catching visuals.

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The research has allowed TfL to answer several questions about the cycling habits of London’s bikers. The team believe that with a deeper understanding of this behavior, they will be able to offer valuable guidance to other cities around the world who are aiming to develop and expand their cycling services to mirror London’s success.

The top image is from Professor Wood’s videos, which show dominant patterns in London’s 10 million journeys by rented bicycle based on their origins and destinations. The below diagram shows the transition between geographic and grid views of London Cycle Hire docking station sites. Each shade of brown indicates the docking station’s status in real time: empty, normal and full.

In a statement, Professor Wood said: “By using visual analytics, the giCentre is developing applications to understand the millions of journeys made by hundreds of thousands of cyclists across London. This allows transport planners and organisations such as TFL to make better informed decisions to support the movement of people around our cities.”

+ City University London

Via New Scientist