Solar powered advertising boards have provided companies with ways to advertise their products in an environmentally friendly way, and it appears that wind power is following suit. UK-based City Windmills is giving companies the chance to not only generate clean power (and thus cheaper energy bills) for themselves, but to use their installation as a unique advertising platform.

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With the XLT wind turbine, City Windmills creates wind arrays for companies that can achieve multiple objectives. Operating in groups of between 10 and 50, the wind turbines are primarily designed to generate low cost clean energy wherever it is needed. As the turbines are approximately 30ft tall, they can be situated on the roof of  any building or wherever is most convenient. This means that no energy is lost over distance as long distance transmission lines are reportedly capable of losing up to 55% of its energy.

However, the unique aspect of the wind array is its advertising potential. With wind blades 20ft high, it enables companies to promote their logo, flag or emblem on 6 ft x 9 ft panels. Imagine it, how much better would you look to your clients if your slogan was emblazoned across a field of wind turbines?

The mini-turbines also don’t share the same problems that hamper other larger turbines, as they are extremely quiet. With the numbers of wind turbines growing so rapidly, the City Windmills turbines offer something unique in the clean energy market.

All energy systems are also linked over the internet, enabling Remote Performance Monitoring that allows customers to view performance, power generation, possible future failures and historical data.

It also has massive energy and financial potential with 35% of office buildings able to install the arrays creating a massive 87.5 million MWh. Each windmill is estimated to cost US$ 12,000 which would in the US alone create a US$ 180 billion market.

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