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Founder Matt Tomasulo was a city planning student in Raleigh, North Carolina who decided to create and sell shirts printed with his own town at local markets. The hand-screened, water based ink designs flew off the racks and he knew his idea was something special. A wildly successful Kickstarter campaign and countless orders later, CityFabric now sells handmade, recycled cotton tote bags, prints, pillows, and canvases.

It is CityFabric’s belief that the more you talk about where you are from, the more likely you are to get involved and care about the community. With maps including San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Denver, Brooklyn, Detroit, and Atlanta available, people can point to their shirt and show where they live, where they go to school, or their favorite hang out.

Unlike most maps, the design is figure ground, counting buildings instead of streets. This type of map is commonly used in city planning to measure density and development over time and presents a whole new view of a city you know and love based om people and places, rather than roads.

The shirts were such a local success, Tomasulo constructed an art exhibition of the canvases in his home town. The show not only sold a number of pieces, but also travelled to New York City and quickly sold out at Hyperpublic Gallery.

CityFabric makes local pride and responsibility cool and stylish. So whether you’re outfitting your apartment with their multi-colored prints, carrying their tote bag around town, or sporting one of their fun tees of over a dozen cities, you can always know where you came from and “wear you live.”

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Images via CityFabric Flickr