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Brewster’s gorgeous paper pieces take inspiration from the drive of nature itself, creating a literal metaphor of nature’s power to take over the earth if given the chance. Plants, flowers, birds and bees traverse political borders without regulation, moving freely within the map without concern for the rules put in place by the human race.

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This poetic point of view is translated in Brewster’s meticulous cut paper pieces. The gradation of blues that signify varying depths in the ocean become the feathers spanning the wing of a bird. Textures and lines that make up marshlands are carved into delicate branches, looking like the pattern of bark. Pinks, purples and yellows that represent the border change between different countries are transformed into flower petals, flying bees, and dangling fruits.

With the gradual shift of borderlines as politics and war change the world over time, these maps, which were once official representations of the world, become obsolete. Brewster gives new life to the disused pieces of paper by upcycling them into gorgeous lacey tableaus.

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