For anyone in the process of family-building or simply celebrating the joy of families, Bird by renowned Danish architect Kristian Vedel is a design classic that demonstrates that good solid materials and proven traditions never really lose their feathers. Vedel designed a group of Birds in 1959 as an expression of three generations of a family – children, parents, and grandparents. Though only the small bird went into production, it quickly became one of the most successful Danish wooden products of 1950’s. Inhabitat is honoring Baby Week by highlighting Vedel’s design and its lasting mark on our instincts to nest and be nurtured by natural materials and exquisite craft.

Today Vedel’s original Birddesign is hand-made by a small wood turner in Denmark using only the highest quality, locally-sourced oak. The wooden forms measure 2.9″, 4″, and 4.5″ in height. Each bird’s head can be tilted to express happiness, sadness, curiosity, and alertness. The bodies can also be turned upside down to exemplify different body types, etc. and parts are interchangeable in order to express the myriad forms that families take via endless play and the creative assemblage of parts to whole.

+ Bird by Kristian Vedel is available in Natural Oak/Smoked Oak at ModernChild for $45 – $69