Claudio Fiumicelli really knows how to light up a room! The Studiodsgn artist presented his futuristic C60 LED modular lighting unit at the Zona Tortona design event to critical acclaim. Resembling an illuminated transparent soccer ball, the C60 is comprised of hexagonal pieces that attach to each other in a spherical or planar structure and 360 LED lights, C60 can be hung, mounted on a wall or displayed simply on a flat surface.

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Versatility, the designer says, was a key factor in planning and creating the lamp. Not only is C60 aesthetically pleasing and practical, it’s also incredibly sustainable with a readily recyclable PMMA (which stands for poly methymethacrylate and is essentially another name for plexiglass) exterior and energy-efficient, all-LED lighting. According to the designer, material choice was as important to the project’s success as the design itself. “The C60 lamp realizes a synthesis between a reduced environmental impact and new expressive potentials,” Fiumicelli explains. We couldn’t agree more.

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