Not only is Daniel Michalik’s cork furniture flexible, ergonomic and super cute ? but it is also made from recycled cork from the bottle stopper industry ? making it as environmentally friendly as it is people friendly. And it only gets better. Cork is an engaging and environmentally responsible material which is completely sustainable, recyclable, and plentiful. Also, because cork is 100% waterproof and impervious to rot and mold growth, these pieces functions as well outdoors as inside.

Kids like playing with this lightweight, tactile material, (See the kiddie chair below) and cork is flexible, comfortable and ergonomic. The “Sway” stool (shown on right) flexes under the weight of the user, engaging the muscles and improving posture and circulation.

The “Cortica” chaise lounge (shown on left) even doubles as a floating pool chair! According to Daniel Michalik: “As we all know, cork floats, so while I have not attempted this feat personally, I see no reason why Cortica (the Chaise Lounge) can’t be used in the swimming pool! Just imagine the possibilities…”

Who knew cork was so captivating?

For information on how to purchase any of these beautiful pieces of furniture, please contact the designer directly at:

+ Cork Furniture in the Inhabitatshop

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