Moving with furniture can be a pain, especially with big pieces like tables, but what if you could take your table apart? That’s the concept behind the Floyd Leg, a super sturdy steel table leg that can be clamped down onto any surface. A whole set of Floyd Legs combined with any ole surface, say an old door, reclaimed wood, glass, or even a big street sign, becomes an industrial table.

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The idea for the Floyd Leg began when Kyle Hoff was in the midst of a move. Tables are hard to get into cars and they often don’t break down for easy transport. “I was moving frequently between cities and constantly disposing of furniture,” says Kyle Hoff, creator and co-founder of Floyd Leg. “The legs were born out of this circumstance and the idea also resonated with our friends. We decided to launch a Kickstarter to gauge what the public reaction would be to the legs.” The Floyd Leg was named after Hoff’s father, grandfather and great-grandfather (all Floyds), who worked in a steel mill.

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The steel legs were designed and are manufactured in Detroit and are based on the simple idea of the C-clamp. Twist a bolt down onto a surface tight enough and it will hold it in place. Use four of these legs and any hard surface and you have yourself a full customizable, DIY table. Take it apart when you move, easily transport it, or store it in your closet to use as an extra table when guests come over. Make use of salvaged materials that you find on the street, in a thrift shop, or at a building supply store and you can make endless variations of the table. The Floyd Leg comes in 16″ size perfect for coffee tables or a 29.5″ height for a sitting table. You can also buy the Floyd Shelf, a set of two brackets that can be mounted on the wall for an impromptu shelving option.

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