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Raumlabor, temporary hotel, Mannheim, Germany, Theater der Welt festival, recycled materials, pop up hotel, low budget, resourceful accommodation

The Hotel Shabby Shabby’s 22-rooms were spread out in unexpected locations including a high rooftop, a bustling market square and a tranquil a riverbank. They were built from found or recyclable materials including scaffolding structures, shipping pallets and polycarbonate panels. Like the Hedonist by Nuno Pimenta, the structures are a miniature translucent homage to Mies van der Rohe’s architecture standing among the River Neckar’s shore.

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The Collini Bay Resort consisted of a series of recycled wooden beach huts with beds overlooking the city’s harbor. While the Fairy Tank — raised on scaffolding –offered guests a bed, cupboard and mini pool within a city center park. The resourceful 22-room temporary hotel took place in May and June this year, during the Theater der Welt festival in Mannheim, Germany.

+ Raumlabor

+ Hotel Shabby Shabby

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Photos by Arthur Bauer, Nuno Pimenta and Frederico Tavares de Pinho