For those with a shortage of space and the habit of piling clothes on chairs and sofas, designer Ivan Zhang has created a versatile, transformable hanger that can help them keep their small apartments tidy and their clothes in order. The hanger twists into a pair of spots for hanging your stuff and allows you to organize your clothes by combinations and outfits.

Germany-based designer Ivan Zhang from A’Postrophe studio created this space-saving contraption so it can be transformed into a pair of hangers with a simple twist. The parts of the hanger snap together with ease and are secure in place.

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This transformable hanger looks like a great solution for small spaces, but regardless of the size of your apartment, it actually can help you be more organized in your daily routines. Instead of piling several shirts onto the same hanger and taking ages to decide what to wear to work, it allows you to organize your stuff in combinations and makes your closet much tidier.

+ A’Postrophe Design

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