California-based company Click & Grow makes urban farming easy for even the least savvy green thumbs. Their electronic smart pots monitor plants and use a proprietary growth medium that eliminates excess watering and the need for fertilizing. Click & Grow just announced the debut of their Smart Farm, a scalable high-tech farming system that can be controlled over the internet!

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According to Click & Grow, scalable indoor farming has the potential to reduce water consumption by 90 percent and costs 80 percent less than traditional farming methods. Their Smart Farm comprises one part of a mission to provide fresh and healthy food to those living in areas with restricted access.

“With the rise in food prices and the insufficient availability of fresh and healthy dietary choices, there are close to 870 million malnourished people worldwide,” says Mattias Lepp, Click & Grow’s founder. “The introduction of our Smart Farm concept takes us one step closer to our goal in providing access to fresh food at a fraction of the cost. We have a long way ahead of us, but each of our products is a step forward in that direction.”

The Smart Farm takes advantage of Click & Grow’s combination of smart soil that incorporates nanotechnology and sensor-based software. The growth medium contains pockets to provide air and nutrients and eliminates the need for extra fertilizer or water, and the Smart Farm can be scaled up from a base of ten units to a facility that supports millions of plants.

Click & Grow has already sold over 80,000 of their smart flower pots, and are confident their new venture will be a successful way to bring farming into the modern age. The Smart Farm is scheduled to launch in March, 2014