Your next Clif Bar may be produced by the sun now that the food manufacturer is installing the biggest smart solar array in North America. The 530 kilowatt array, which is currently under construction at Clif Bar’s new Emeryville, California headquarters, features over 1,900 Suntech 270 watt solar panel modules.

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Clif Bar’s array isn’t the largest overall solar installation on the continent, but it is expected to generate 6 to 8 percent more power than a standard array. The increase in power can be attributed to the built-in Tigo Energy Maximizer Solution, which is the first distributed power electronics system to be deployed on a substantial commercial project. Tigo’s product leverages control at the module level to increase panel monitoring and safety.

No word on how much the project cost — or when it will be completed — but Clif Bar stands to save some serious cash on energy use.

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