People want their wedding days to be perfect, so the big occasion often turns into a massive savings-swallowing event. Now with a new service from UK based firm Oliver’s Travels, if you really want to blow the budget for your big day, you can employ a ‘Cloud Bursting’ service to guarantee every photographic memory is bathed in glorious sunlight! The same technology that has also been used with environmental improvement in mind can now be used to make your big day matrimonial perfection.

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Using a technique called cloud bursting, a team of meteorologists and pilots seed clouds with silver iodide to turn grey, cloudy skies into rain, ensuring full sun the next day. The service comes with a price tag of £100,000 but will guarantee a sunny day for your chosen date. Currently, it’s only available in France, but the service may expand to the UK soon.

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The technique isn’t new, cloud seeding was developed in the 1940s by US chemist Vincent Schaefer, and is used by scientists and governments today. China seeded clouds prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics and plans to use the technology again in 2015 to reduce smog levels. After terribly dry winter conditions, the technique has also been used to bring moisture to California. The practice remains controversial, but officials in California argue that it’s enormously cost-effective, especially compared to measures like desalination, new dams, and conservation projects.

For most of us, our weather related wedding preparations will be more likely to be limited to hoping, praying, rain dances and investing in umbrellas!

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