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Brown and Wayne’s CLOUD in Calgary was an illuminating temporary installation where visitors could pull on cords to turn CFL lights on and off. The playful light exhibit was made up of 6,000 upcycled incandescent bulbs formed into a fluffy white cloud. Their latest installation for Progress Bar is permanent and designed with resiliency in mind.

CLOUD CEILING is made from hand-bent steel, reflective mylar, electronics, motion sensors, LEDs, and 15,000 re-appropriated incandescent light bulbs. The team worked steadily in June to complete the installation before the bar officially opened on June 22. Motion sensors track the people moving inside the bar, which in turn controls the LED lights that turn on in response. The rolling, cumulous glass surface diffuses the light across the space and follows and matches the crowd’s movement and their energy. A quiet night at the bar will be shown with gentle and slower light patterns, while a high energy night will be matched by a more faster paced light changes. A miniature version of the CLOUD was also built in the far room at the bar to add to the cohesive vision of the space.

Images © Catlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett