Earlier today we gave you the low-down on Co-Lab Studio, the “integrated sustainable design” crew out of Detroit. In addition to their community-focused environmental design and garden projects, Co-Lab has an outstanding line of prototype products that employ concepts and materials which hold true to their vision of a more sustainable world.

Post-Consumer Prototypes is an emerging inner-city enterprise to make useful and beautiful products from salvaged, re-used, re-cycled or renewable materials – Co-Lab is currently seeking a producer to move some of their prototypes into production, with the goal of offering employment to local “at risk” and underemployed urban residents once the start-up gets going.

The Sun-Light (above left) is woven from a single electrical cord, wrapped around super-efficient LED bulbs. The power for the bulb comes from a flexible solar panel (not pictured), making the ambient unit fully self-sufficient. It looks a bit like a Tord Boontje Midsummer lamp, but this version is so much cooler, when one considers that this both recycles an old electrical cord, and uses solar energy. It’s not merely decorative – but socially and environmentally friendly to boot.

Apparently, Co-Lab likes to cover all the bases: contemporary design, reused materials, renewable energy and sustainable technology…we’re impressed.

The Co-Lab group shares the belief that “through art, architecture, and design we can participate in bringing about a societal-awareness that respects humanity and the natural environment. ”

Disclaimer: Co-Lab just launched their website, so most of it is still not functional. Please be patient! We are anxiously awaiting the full site, so we will let you know here when the site is finally finished.