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COBE designed Forfatterhuset Kindergarten’s five buildings to appear as a series of “potted plants,” each with a lush roof garden and built to varying heights to maximize daylight filtration. A lush playground with a diversity of play zones is located opposite the main building cluster. The kindergarten campus is enclosed inside a low fence that strategically winds around the site to preserve existing trees.

”With this project, we wanted to create a world class day care center. A place that gives the best possible environment for our children to grow up in, and which promotes children’s learning and creativity,” says Dan Stubbergaard, Founder and Creative Director of COBE. “Located in a historic area of Copenhagen consisting mainly of nursing homes and senior housing, we have been very aware of ensuring a coherence between the historical area and the new build. From being a last destination for many people’s long lives, the area is now also a place where children grow up and start their lives.”

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Since the kindergarten is located in a historic part of Copenhagen, COBE created a design that was both sensitive to the local vernacular but also new and modern. Most notably, the architects put a new spin on the region’s traditional red brick palette by creating a vertical brick pattern that forms the facade for the buildings and fencing. The vertical banding pattern is continued inside the buildings as white-colored railings.

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