Some giants of household consumer products are joining forces in an attempt to promote environmentalism in their packaging. The trade organization will unite Colgate-Palmolive, Coca-Cola, DuPont, Dow Chemical and Kellogg’s, among others. With the aid of Ameripen (The American Institution for Packaging and the Environment), the conglomerate will implement sustainable and material-neutral packaging.

Aside from the switch to these materials, the group under Ameripen will also focus on education, outreach, and just as important- research strategies which will further environmental benefits for the future. This type of trade union is already commonplace in Europe and the United Kingdom, but is significant for the United States, as the companies involved are consumer leaders, so any efforts made on their part would have a great and massive impact.

Coco-Cola is already no stranger to environmental efforts, using PlantBottles for packaging, which are made of recycled molasses and sugarcane juice. The usage of PlantBottles alone saved the company money in materials, but also thousands in gas as well as the environmental benefit of recycling materials. As per their website, Coca-Cola aims for zero waste and their influence could greatly change consumer packaging for the good. If all companies in this new trade organization follow suit, we can look forward to even more sustainable packaging and practices amongst our everyday products that the average American purchases on a day to day basis.

Via TreeHugger