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The Coca-Cola Beatbox invites visitors to get hands-on with its structure, which is made from over 200 touch-sensitive translucent air pillows. Touching the pavilion is like playing a giant musical instrument. It is a fusion of architecture, sport, music and technology that creates a stunning multi-sensory experience, but it is also a building. You can climb to the top of the pavilion via a 200m ramp within the crystalline structure, leading to incredible views over the Olympic Park. The ramp then plunges down into the heart of the pavilion which will feature an interactive light installation by Jason Bruges.

Groundbreaking audio, lighting and responsive sensor technology is built into the 200 air cushions, which visitors can ‘play’ as they scale the ramp. Recordings, which include athletes’ heartbeats, shoes squeaking, and arrows hitting a target will be triggered and remixed by the banks, strokes and tickles of an estimated 200,000 visitors during Games.

The use of innovative technology does not end there; within the pavilion the visitors will experience Jason Bruges Studio’s Aerial Dynamics installation. 180 bespoke mechatronic ‘bubbles’ fitted with red and white LEDs glow rhythmically in time with Mark Ronson’s track, emulating the energy released when a bottle of Coca-Cola is served and shared. The light show captures the celebratory aura surrounding the Games.

The project brings together the best of British emerging talent across design, performance and technology. Coca-Cola has worked alongside Royal College of Art and interactive theatre company London Quest among others to bring the pavilion to life during the Games. Beatbox is the architects’ largest commission to date.

+ Asif Khan and Pernilla Ohrstedt

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Images by Hufton & Crow