What do you do if you love treehouses like us, but don’t have a tree to build on? Netherlands-based designer Gert Eussen may have a solution with his Coco-Hut, a cozy and round hut made of scrap and FSC-certified wood. With an element of whimsy, the structure looks a little bit like a beehive with a linear version of the honeycomb texture. The Coco-Hut is also unmistakably cute with its round shape and humble staircase leading inside.

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In conceptualizing the hut, Eussen set out to use scrap wood in a creative and replicable way. The waste wood-cuts used to build the hut are from pine beams used commonly in the Netherlands, the pillars holding the hut are scrap Douglas Fir and the door handle is a leftover piece of Beech wood. Then, the whole thing is held together with wood glue and screws so that it is watertight.

Eussen hopes his building methods here will be applicable to other larger construction projects. He said: “The round shape is also universal. Sitting in this structure makes you feel safe and comfortable.” The shape of the hut is also energy- and resource-efficient, all cozy details that make it a prime location for late-night sleeping-bag storytelling.

+ Gert Eussen