Sharholders of Coca-Cola will vote today on a measure to force the soft drink company to go public on their plans to eliminate bisphenol A (or BPA) from the lining of their beverage cans. Coke apparently removed the chemical from their plastic bottles but chose to keep it in the epoxy liners of the aluminum cans. We find it outrageous that coke would continue to manufacture and distribute cans containing the endocrine-disrupting chemical, and we’re glad to see shareholders taking the company to task!

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Coca-Cola’s company position seems to be that BPA isn’t harmful and they shouldn’t worry about it. They’ve stated that, “the [European Food Safety Authority] established a Tolerable Daily Intake level of 0.05 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day. All available scientific evidence and testing shows that drinks in aluminium and steel cans are safe.” And that’s what they’re going with.

If I were a shareholder I wouldn’t be pleased with that position either. Most other companies that were outed for using BPA — Nalgene, Whole Foods, SIGG and Eden Organics — recalled products containing the chemical, apologized profusely and begged for their loyal customers to return. In the Coca-Cola shareholders’ statement they noted that, “The company’s current disclosures, especially when compared with General Mills, Whole Foods, and Eden Organics, are wholly insufficient,” and Coca-Cola needs to release a concrete plan of action. They’re not taking, “it’s not harmful,” as an answer.

Via Fast Company