Coca-Cola wants to bring the world icy-cold beverages without the use of electricity or batteries with their new Bio Cooler. The little can dispenser takes advantage of ancient technology that uses evaporation and mirrors to cool things down. Best of all, the technology works better the hotter it gets. Coke brought its cooler to the off-grid town of Aipir, Colombia, where temperatures of 115 degrees are not unheard of – and a frosty drink would no doubt be a nice treat.

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The cooler was developed by Leo Burnett Colombia along with the International Physics Centre. The cooler works by watering the plants that sit on top which creates evaporation inside the machine. Then, a mirror on top converts gas into liquid, making things even cooler inside the dispenser. The result is a cold drink without wasting any electricity to do it.

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Obviously the dispenser isn’t meant to supply needy communities with essential resources. The idea is meant to be more of a luxury in the same feel-good vein that some of Coke’s other marketing ideas have followed, like sharable cans and bottles that only open when connected to another bottle. But for the people of Aipir, who have to travel 12 hours just to get some ice, it’s a revolutionary way to experience something fun that could change the way we all keep our drinks cool in the future.

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images via Leo Burnett Colombia