Paris, City of Lights, love and romance also wants to be the city of green by 2100.  Well, at least that’s how architecture firm Collectif et alors’ Yannick Gourvil and Cecile Leroux imagine in their new exhibition. A project for Paris’ Week of Sustainable Development, the exhibition is entitled “+2º: Paris s’invente!” and confronts the issue of global warming head on, with realistic and sustainable solutions from community gardens planted throughout the city providing fresh fruits and veggies and wind farms sprouting throughout, overtaking electrical power lines.

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While global warming is a serious reality, Gourvil and Leroux’s vision is fantastical and fun. The pair’s Paris Utopia turns every rooftop into a lush green garden, accessible to all. A major change would be the elimination of cars – bicycles take over carpool lanes and double decker green buses zoom down the highways. The Seine’s shores are replaced with marshlands, adaptable to flooding, which families utilize with personal canoes.

The +2º: Paris s’invente! coins its name from the global warming of the city by 2 degrees, and consists of 20 radically wonderful green ideas, one for each of Paris’ arrondissements. Although fantastical, Gourvil and Leroux’s ideas are optimistic and realistic, as long as Paris begins to make small steps in the near future. Perhaps starting small with more public transportation, and then with the implementation of city wind farms.

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