Colorado’s recent legalization of recreational marijuana has brought about some strange new changes, including the Denver Post hiring a cannabis critic and realtors catering to out-of-state buyers who want to capitalize on the green gold rush. Restaurants are also feeling the reefer madness, and local chain Hapa Sushi is offering a cannabis pairing menu with its Japanese cuisine. In association with ad company TDA Boulder, their fixed courses come with suggestions for your favorite strain of bud.

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Hapa Sushi, a name derived from the Hawaiian term of fusing Japanese and American cultures, is set to blend a little herb with its menu. Known for their sense of humor and a history of other publicity stunts, the restaurant also created ad campaigns in 2007 lampooning Barry Bonds by asserting their meat to be steroid free, and offered a 2009 print menu with maps of nearby then-new dispensaries.

Now that there are more legal dispensaries than Starbucks in the state, Hapa Sushi hopes to attract those with an adventurous spirit and a hefty appetite. Claiming that their ambiance also reduces paranoia, diners are promised to have a relaxing time without having to look over their shoulders. Just don’t make the rookie blunder of accidentally taking a mouthful of wasabi instead of the nugget in the dish nearby.

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