On Monday a bill was dropped on Colorado Governor Bill Ritter’s desk that ups the states renewable energy standard to over 30% by 2020. The bill was passed by the state legislature and will place Colorado in the number two spot in the country — behind California — in renewable energy mandates. If signed by the Governor it will lower the state’s emissions by 30 million tons of carbon, equivalent to the emissions of 670,000 cars per year.

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The renewable energy standard requires 3% of the renewable energy to come from small projects like individual homeowner’s solar roofs. The mandate is meant to increase renewable energy projects small and large to create jobs and boost Colorado’s economy.

“Thanks to the strong leadership of Gov. Bill Ritter, renewable energy is Colorado’s fastest-growing economic sector. We want to keep it growing, and glowing brightly,” said state Representative Max Tyler about the new initiative. Governor Ritter has been paving the way for years for Colorado to become a leader in green energy and we can expect he’ll sign the bill swiftly. This is the kind of mandate we like to hear about. It’s good for the earth, good for the economy and good for the residents of Colorado.

Via Climate Progress