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The House of Flags is more than just an architectural installation, though it is certainly also a great example of that. It also makes a profound political statement of unity and also pays its respects to the material constraints of our time. Each of the 206 plywood panels are CNC-cut and include cut out and perforations of each flag’s symbols. Flatpacked for easy shipping, the 17m long x 8 m wide x 4.5 m high jigsaw puzzle can be disassembled, shipped and reassembled with ease.

None of the flags touch each other, which is custom, and the back side has been left natural to show off the timber grain. The colors were printed directly onto the timber using a UV flat bed printer ensuring the richness of hue that contrasts so distinctly with the whitewashed houses of parliament. The entire thing is secured with 42 pre-cast concrete foundational blocks. In addition to being a cool piece of architecture, we love the message of unity behind this intriguing project.

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Via Arch Daily