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The Soon team set to work on piles of used paper, printed with everything from ads to editorials. The pages were separated into a rainbow of colors, giving the paper crafters easy access for their inspirations. Page by page, the papers were folded, snipped and cut into the delicate insect shapes, flowers and plants that formed a lush three-dimensional garden habitat.

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Printed magazine stories were cut into leaves, layered together to form a thick explosion of beautiful foliage. Atop the green mass floated red, blue and pink flowers, made from paper scraps and magazine bits. To bring the piece to life, the team then created a series of colorful insects, which they attached to sticks like puppets. Each bug’s thin wings show its former use, with text and images visible from the former life as a magazine. The multi-colored dragonflies, moths, beetles and butterflies swirled and swarmed around the paper-leafed habitat, snapped in a series of photos that will be used in the IGEPA Benelux campaign.

The adorable fleet of insects bring awareness to the endless creative possibilities of recycled paper, while also amping up IGEPA’s forthcoming line.

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