We have covered skateboard-inspired furniture in the past, so we were excited to see this cool new bench from Pennsylvania-based company, Deckstool. Started by Jason Podlaski after his brother tasked him with finding ways to turn broken boards into furniture, Deckstool has come to hand-craft a unique range of seating — from stripped down skateboard stools to recycled seat cushions.

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Deckstool‘s new five foot-long bench is fabricated from a series of recycled wooden decks and metal trucks that reflect the DIY ethos of skateboarding and skate culture. The nicks and scratches that characterize each board serve as a little reminder of the nicks and scratches most likely collected by the skater trying to master a new trick before the deck split. All boards are either salvaged or provided by customers who want to give their precious old rides a new life beyond the curbs and half-pipes of the past. We see this handsome bench serving any number of purposes, but we are especially inspired by the good old-fashioned ingenuity behind the product.

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