No, your eyes are not deceiving you – in one of the craziest recycled art installations we’ve ever seen, Czech artist David Cerny has turned a red London double-decker bus from the 1950s into a mechanical sculpture that can do push-ups for the kickoff of the 2012 London Games! To transform a traditional double-decker bus into this eye-popping sculpture with moving arms, Cerna started with a 1957 bus that he bought from a previous owner in the Netherlands. He then installed electric engines to power the large red arms attached to the front of the bus, which give the six-ton bus the ability to move up and down, simulating a push-up. Hit the jump to see a video of the colossal sculpture in action!

“There is one common exercise for every sportsman in the world, and that is push-ups,” said Cerny, according to Reuters. “It is training for sport activities but at the same time it is also punishment in armies and prisons. So the push-ups are a very universal physical activity…It is in a way very ironic.”

To complete the effect, the bus is also outfitted with speakers that emit groaning and moaning sounds as the bus goes up and down. If you want to see it in person, the Double-Decker bus will be doing push-ups outside the Czech Olympic headquarters in Islington, north London for the duration of the Games. Who wants to take a guess at how many it can do?

“I hope the bus will keep doing push-ups for the whole length of the Olympic Games,” Cerny stated.

+ David Cerny

Via Reuters