Comcast’s Operations Center in Sonoma County just received one of the highest honors in green building — it was certified LEED Platinum this week by the USGBC. The Operations Center is part of The Sonoma Mountain Village, an ambitious zero-carbon, solar-powered development being constructed by Codding, a northern California real estate developer. The super green facility was designed from the ground up to have the smallest impact possible.

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The work of innovative building projects such as Sonoma Mountain Village is a fundamental driving force in the green building movement,” said Rick Fedrizzi, President of the U.S. Green Building Council. The Comcast Operations Center has about 150 employees, houses maintenance vehicles and has a huge warehouse. It is 100% powered by a 1 megawatt on-site array of solar panels and features advanced energy efficient lighting, low and no VOC finishes, recycled content carpet, bike storage and changing rooms, salvaged fencing and bathroom partitions, local materials and during construction the team diverted 98% of waste from the landfill. Pretty impressive overall.

What’s more impressive is that Comcast is just one of 41 companies that have moved into the zero carbon, solar powered Sonoma Mountain Village. Though the Operations Center is the only LEED Platinum structure, the entire community is planned to be as sustainable as possible. 1,694 private homes are slated to be constructed this year in the community. Codding’s vision is to create a neighborhood where work, food, and entertainment is within an easy walk from your home. All of this and no electricity bills? Sounds like a great plan to us.

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