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©Cindy Hasler

The actualization of the Winter Garden seems to leap off the page of its original renderings, appearing almost exactly the same in life as in Talmon Biran’s plans. As Winnipeggers make their unique winterly skating commute(dubbed Winterpeg by many!) along the outskirts of the city on the Assiniboine Credit Union River Trail, the flow of skate traffic approaches the Winter Garden forest grid. With clear lanes for each direction, skating commuters can stop and rest at the trees, play around them, or just skate on through.

Talmon Biran recycled 21 dead trees which had fallen in the woods around Winnipeg, giving them new live in the ice garden. The trunk of each was secured in the ice with a large orange anchor, which extends safely below the ice to hold the tree sturdily in place. The bases are colored in orange for safety, but also give skaters visibility of the approaching obstacles from afar.

The Winter Garden installation creates a social meeting point, bringing together Winnipeggers during their long winter. It also infuses the stark landscape with a burst of organic art, while also providing a resting spot for tired skaters to hold onto the trees and catch their breaths.

The Talmon Biran team has also designed a series of Warming Huts, to be placed near the Winter Garden that give skaters a place to warm up.

+ Talmon Biran