While cycling is undoubtedly fun and a great way to keep fit, we all know dangerous it can be if you don’t take safety precautions — yet so many cyclists still don’t wear their helmets! A common excuse is that they are such a pain to carry around, but perhaps this neat fold-up device will encourage more cyclists to protect their heads. It simply folds into a compact form that you can fit in your bag as soon as you’re done. Called “Overade,” this fantastic helmet is a unisex design created by designer Patrick Jouffret from Agence 360 and engineer Philippe Arrouart — two men who may very well have figured out a way to appeal to risk-taking cyclists.

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While it does not fold down completely, it is still an attractive alternative to having a helmet dangle from your bag-strap or take up valuable back-pack space. It may also be a popular option among bike-share users looking for something transportable. The design pair collaborated to create a design which offers as much protection as a standard bike helmet, while looking modern and sleek. We’re totally impressed with this safety-focused design, and can’t wait until it becomes available this year.

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Images courtesy of Agence 360