We’ve heard of protective gear, but this is ridiculous! Or is it? With creative clothing made from condoms popping up all over the internet in such versatile and surprisingly beautiful styles, we have to wonder – could condom garments be an innovative new eco-fashion trend? And would you actually be willing to wear prophylactic couture?

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When we first saw these kooky looks, we were intrigued but didn’t necessarily buy the fact that they were eco-fashion. After all, it’s possible that all of them are made from brand new condoms in which case they wouldn’t really be contributing to sustainability (although most condoms are made out of latex which is biodegradable). But if condom clothes were made from expired condoms or (gulp) used condoms, they could truly be considered recycled garments.

What about comfort and durability? Well, they are ribbed for our pleasure. All joking aside, we’ve never actually worn anything even close to a condom dress (please remove your mind from the gutter) so we don’t know. But if you have, we’d love to hear what you think!

Last but not least, like social awareness heroines TLC of my generation, wearing condoms makes a strong statement about your commitment to safe sex. As far as prom dresses go, I have a hunch that these condom styles are probably not dad and moms first pick. Or maybe they are?

Images via Pile of Photos and Ebaum’s World