It sometimes seems like Coney Island is destined to live forever in its bygone days of classic roller coasters and hot dogs. But this week, the island has carved a niche for itself that will make it an important landmark well into the future.

The Stillwell Avenue station in Brooklyn has just installed a 76,000-sq-ft solar roof, manufactured by RWE SCHOTT Solar. The structure is touted to be “one of the most sustainable mass transportation sites ever built in the U.S.,” according to the recent press release.

The solar roof is madeof 2,730 building integrated photovoltaic panels that create a shelter for riders and employees in the station. The panels are each 5′ by 20′, made of silicon thin-film, which is less costly to install than other solar panels because it requires minimal framing.

In addition to providing 250,000 kilo-watt hours of power to the station each year, the cost and necessity for daytime lighting will be reduced because of the transparent roof of panels that lets in plenty of natural light.

With the opening of the Stillwell Ave. Station, not only is Coney Island planting its own feet firmly in the 21st century, it’s sending out a ripple of encouragement to other transportation hubs that this kind of progress is possible everywhere.

via: Green Biz News