We are big fans of the TV show Mythbusters, so when we found out about their tests pitting gas vehicles against electric vehicles in 5 extreme tests, we couldn’t help but take notice. The myth: gas vehicles better perform better than electric. The truth, according to Mythbusters, is that electric vehicles outperform their gas-powered counterparts. BUSTED !

Jamie Hyneman provides a behind the scenes account of their tests. They decided to pit compact vehicles, ATVs, motorcycles and go karts against their electric counterparts. Amongst their findings are that ATV’s aren’t subject to pollution restrictions, and they pollute four times more than a regular vehicle. They showed that with a little ingenuity they could create a better performing electric version of the ATV. As if that wasn’t enough, they saw how the benefits of electric vehicles outweigh the drawbacks, and that is not even counting the extreme difference in emissions.

In a final test they pitted an X1 Wrightspeed, an electric supercar prototype, vs a Ferrari. The winner…the electric vehicle, busting the ultimate myth, that electric vehicles have no real muscle behind them.

We look forward to seeing the show when it airs on the Discovery Channel, and hope that the team decides to tackle other similar myths.

+ MythBuster: Why Electric Vehicles Beat Gas in 5 Extreme Tests @Popular Mechanics