In a country where the unemployment rate lingers at a lofty 8.3% after the worst economic disaster since the 1930s, it probably isn’t a good idea to whine about how much it costs to fill up the tank of your luxury car. Congressman Allen West (R-FL) recently decided to use his Hummer H3 to illustrate his latest talking point about President Obama and gas prices. West posted a statement on Facebook yesterday stating, “last night it took 70 dollars to fill the tank of my 2008 H3 Hummer, what is it costing you? What does it cost the President to fill his gas tank?”

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If West was trying to complain about mistakenly buying an obnoxiously large vehicle without looking at its miles per gallon stats, then we commiserate — the Hummer H3 gets a less than noble 14 miles per gallon combined. If he was attempting to use his obnoxiously large vehicle to gain political clout in a country where a great number of people are worried about losing their houses and finding room in their checkbooks to buy healthy groceries, then we think he deserves some backlash. Thankfully his statement was not lost on Facebook users who read his post.

The comments that followed made West look out of touch and arrogant — and hopefully will tear a little at his heart strings. “I guess this just shows you how far out of reality politicians really are. He should try living paycheck to paycheck and have to decide if he should fill up his gas tank or pay bills or buy food,” said one Facebook user.

Others decided to give West a little advice, “What are you doing driving a Hummer? Get a Volt or something small and lead by action. You want people to save on energy and stuff then show us the way. How many of us here in Florida chipped in for that Hummer?” Others were not so diplomatic, “Any idiot that drives a Hummer deserves the shafting he gets when he fills it up.” From the diatribe that followed his Hummer comment West’s thought process look a little bit more like Mitt Romneys $10,000 bet than a commiseration with an ailing electorate.

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