The recent push to move to smaller and smaller homes means downsizing more than just wardrobes and furniture. Those who take pride in plants, have a small herb garden or just want some color around the home know plants and pots take up needed space. Kirk and Tina Dyer have a combined passion for organic food and cooking, but living in a large, metropolitan city, they recognize the importance and value of space. Together, they have created the “Connect A Pot,” a small, triangular pot designed to grow plants, herbs and flowers in a small, compact area. Each pot is designed specifically to connect to the other via strong rare-earth magnets. The magnets also mean the pots can attach to a wall, refrigerator, window and in some cases, a shower. You also have the option of using a chain to hang it. The idea being, this is a pot that you can put wherever you want, and there’s always a way to place it in that window that gets all the sunshine. A perlite layer, resting between the soil and water, doubles as plant growth media and insulation. The Dyers’ are looking for funding to help bring Connect A Pots to the world and help make it a bit greener.

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