The London Design Festival is full of beautiful design, but few things manage to combine beauty and function as perfectly JiB Design Studio‘s Console O. With built-in organic ceramic vessels that serve as storage, decoration and as pots for houseplants, the term “form and function” has a new poster child.

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Console O is handcrafted in Britain and is made from oak, lacquered MDF and hand-thrown ceramic. The vessels are sunken in the oak base, balancing “the rigid geometry of the lower body also acting as a bridge between the ‘artificial’ white lacquered and ‘natural’ oak surfaces.” When the lids are placed on top of the ceramic vessels, they form a uniform surface that can be used as a tabletop. When opened, the ceramic bases can store items, act as planters or even be left open for creative effect. And for those who need a larger piece of furniture, the O series also includes a credenza.

What makes Console O particularly striking is that it changes depending on how it’s viewed. To a standing adult, the ceramic vessels form a circular pattern, but when viewed from the side, the top forms a flat surface, drawing the eye into the void between the top and the base. JiB design studio is based in London and is headed by Je-Uk Kim, who studied Master of Architecture at the University of Michigan. The O Console is a collaboration between JiB design studio and celebrated ceramist Sun Kim.

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