MOPET just broke ground on its new SET-Building (Signal, Energy and Telecom) in Amsterdam’s rapidly developing business district, the Zuidas. Scheduled for completion in 2014, the low-lying, green-roofed building will provide traction and energy for the city’s new subway line, the Noord-Zuidlijn, which will join the northern and southern parts of the city by tunneling under the river IJ.

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According to the architects, the SET Building design was created to provide a “powerful, robust appearance” inspired by the sheet piles commonly used in the city’s subway system. However, its overall presence was meant to bring a sense of peace by coexisting with the surrounding natural environment as much as possible. To achieve this, the architects equipped the elongated building with a beautiful green roof that slants into both sides of the building’s exterior, creating a bridged connection between natural and artificial design.

Although surrounded by an expansive network of city infrastructure such as roads, subway lines and local railways, the elegant design of the SET building seamlessly blends in with the natural landscape while providing the necessary technical support for the new subway line. The result is an unassuming peaceful structure that stretches across the green ground, posing as a natural knoll while simultaneously hiding the complex infrastructural project taking place below ground.

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