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(aerial photo courtesy of Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates and David Schalliol)

Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates presented the team’s latest renderings and plans for the Bloomingdale Trail and park to the public last week. This was the last chance for public comment before final plans are released in December. Both A|N Blog and Steven Vance recapped the meeting and shared about the updates to the nearly 3-mile long park.

The elevated trail and park will be 2.7 miles long and will feature bike and pedestrian paths, native plant landscaping, play areas and new parks at the 8 access points along the trail. The new renderings show a more complete picture of how the park will be landscaped and which specific amenities will go where.

The design team answered more questions regarding privacy for homes within close proximity to the park and they helped explain how design features will keep bicyclists from riding too fast. Public art, new wildlife habitats and improving environmental quality are all important aspects of the project as well. To see plans in even greater detail, check out the presentation pdf over at A|N Blog.

Images Courtesy of Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates