Today is the 15th annual America Recycles Day and to celebrate, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is asking you to do your part to raise awareness about where electronics can be recycled. To help you out, CEA has sponsored an electronics recycling location finder on their Greener Gadgets website so that anyone can find a recycling center near them. So get out those old cell phones, computers and that VCR you’ll never use again and bring them on down to your local recycler to be remade into something shiny and new.

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Generally when one talks about recycling people think plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and tin cans but other recyclable things don’t cross their minds. But electronics these days are made out of ever more precious metals and rare earth minerals, so it’s important that we don’t just toss them in the trash and lose those resources forever while simultaneously polluting our environment in the process.

A new study found that the American electronics recycling industry is booming and is only projected to get larger. The industry creates jobs on American soil, keeps resources for US made products inside the country and helps us lower our carbon footprint in the process. About 58% of Americans know where to take their electronics once they’ve finished with them but in order to keep our recycling industry strong and our carbon footprint low, that number needs to increase. So tell your neighbor about the Greener Gadgets electronics recycling tool and let them know that America Recycles Day is today. It’s a great day to help close the resource loop.

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