Container homes are popping up all over the place, but not many multi-unit developments have been built from containers. This proposed 200-unit apartment complex, designed by San Francisco-based Group 41 and their brainchild Container Nation, would use nearly 1,000 used shipping containers. The designers have developed two schemes for the Salt Lake City suburb complex and are waiting for planning approval. Two schemes differ in style and layout, but not amenities. Both include a large underground parking garage as well as a courtyard. Located near both a future commuter rail lineand shopping center, the new development strives to have  sustainable written all over it.

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Design A: Red Container Scheme

Joel Karr, principal of Group 41, says that this design is a much simpler design concept, where the containers are simple stacked on top of one another, only slightly staggered to create a rhythm of open and closed spaces with ‘flying bridges’ that provide light and air into the interior of the corridors.” This concept is less costly to construct as the containers are stacked on top of each other like they are on a shipping container. A central courtyard is located inside, providing a sheltered and open common space.

Design B: Curve Scheme

Design B, or the Curve Scheme is clearly a more interesting concept architecturally, but also significantly more costly. The containers are staggered more, and stacked less. This stacking scheme would require more reinforcement and structural beams. Containers in this scheme can be arranged in a more varied form, even allowing curved balconies, corridors and common spaces. The large common space for this concept would be located on the west side of the building as opposed to the center.

So, which concept do you prefer?

+ Group 41

+ Container Nation

via ArchDaily and Jetson Green