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MAPA architects placed the kitchen, living room, and other communal spaces on first floor of the house and stacked the bedrooms up above on the second level. To reinforce the division of space, the architects wrapped the first floor with floor-to-ceiling glazing and surrounded the upper bedrooms with a timber screen to maintain privacy. Residents also have the option to fold the slatted timber screens outwards from the second story balconies to let in natural light and views of the landscape.

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A long concrete wall runs perpendicular to the main structure to emphasize XAN’s modern and geometric form, while acting as a screen between the home and the public realm. The clear division of space is continued inside the house, where carefully positioned furniture splits the open-plan layout into separate zones such as the kitchen and reading room. The textured tiles that line the outer walls of the first floor are used on the ceilings to create a visual connection between the interior and exterior facade.

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